freebies! north pole mini signs

Christmas is just around the corner and I’d love to share this easy to create yet adorable FREEBIE with my blog reader and Facebook Fans. You can create this dessert with marshmallow/mexican wedding cake/russian tea cake/snow ball cake/truffle or stick the signage on cupcakes! These are perfect for last minute christmas dessert.

How to make North Pole Marshmallow
What you’ll need to create the North Pole marshmallow :
– Matte or soft gloss photo paper (to print out the design template)
– Rounded marshmallow / marshmallow log (snip them in two)
– Red stripes paper straws
– Rounded choco ball/mini bubblegum
– Bowl of water
– Sprinkled Sugar
– Paper towel
– Crisco
– Scissor
– Glue

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Step1: Have everything ready, print out the Printable North Pole Signage Template and cut them, prepare bowl of water, paper towel, container for the sugar. Tip: If you cannot find a rounded marshmallow, you can snip marshmallow log in two.
Step2: Skewer your marshmallow at one end with a toothpick and quickly submerge it in the water and remove. Dab the excess water with paper towel and sprinkle generously with sugar.
Step3: Remove the sprinkled marshmallow from the toothpick and stack them.
Step4: Snip the paper straw in two and grease them with crisco.
Step5: Insert the paper straw into your stacked marshmallow, snip the top end if they are too long. Glue the choco ball / mini gumball on top of the paper straw ( you can use glue/melted chocolate/icing sugar). Glue the North Pole Sign to the paper straw. Done!